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“What a difference a YEAR can make! On May 1, 2023 I started my health journey with @riseathleticperformance and @blaireherford.fit_rise and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! I am so thankful to Blaire and the Rise team for the acceptance, encouragement, direction, accountability, and GRACE they have shown me this past year!

I also can’t thank @tonymonk822 enough for helping me meal prep, getting me moving when I didn’t feel like it, loving me through the hard stuff and kicking my ass in the gym!

I have so much more to accomplish and I’m so glad to have them in my corner!”

“From skeletor to muscle mommy 😜

Stumbled across an old pic from 2019 and couldn’t help but to be proud at the hard work I’ve put in to elicit change in my physique over the past 4-5 years despite long periods away from the gym due to pregnancy/birth/surgery/ and a slew of other little health things that have popped up along the way. There were so many times I questioned “why am I even trying anymore”.

I felt like I was spinning my wheels more often than not. Progress was very up and down. I would work so hard to gain muscle to only end up having to sit out again later which made me feel like I had lost any and all progress I made. But every single time, I got back up and got back after it.

I used to fight and push ahead solely for the stage but I’m in a place in my life right now where I solely do it for me… because it’s what brings me joy and makes me feel accomplished. I may never step on stage again and I’m good with that because I’ve finally realized – I don’t need a show date to drive me 🤷🏼‍♀️ I have that drive all on my own. I’ve taught myself that I will prevail no matter what and that’s been a pretty cool realization for me.

As a hard gainer, I have to work really hard to put on tissue but my daddy and momma taught me to never be afraid of a little hard work 😎”

Join RISE Athletic Performance And Experience The Ultimate Fitness Transformation Program

“I am a 62 year old male that has struggled with weight all of my life. I joined the 21 day challenge in September. I am amazed at what information and coaching she has provided to make my journey successful. I am now in my 7th week, down 27 lbs, gained muscle, have a better understanding of food and what should and shouldn’t go in my body. Kendall has been extremely good at communicating with me and encouraging me to keep going. I now am looking forward to the next chunk of time with her as I continue my lifestyle change. I cannot say how much I appreciate what she has done for my life and the support, nutrition education and understanding my needs as a older male.”

“Taking a moment to shoutout one of my outstanding client’s one year transformation! Last year right around this time, Crystal reached out to me wanting to pursue coaching.

She was genuine, realistic with her set goals, however very introverted and nervous as anyone would be, but what helped her achieve this incredible physique was her discipline. She always consulted with me when she was falling short or when things got real tough.

If you don’t have constant and transparent communication, it simply won’t function and you won’t reach your fullest potential.”

“I had the opportunity to work with Kendall for seven weeks. In that time I lost 9 pounds and 3 inches from my waist. You can visibly see these changes and I am loving my new look. Kendall really makes this a great experience and you get so much more than just a food and exercise plan. It is about total mind and body health. She is extremely responsive when you have questions and she educates you throughout the entire process by always giving you the “why” for everything she has you do. If you need a coach to help guide you to the healthier you, Kendall is the person who can get you there and teach you how to stay there.”

“Want to shout out my guy Danny real quick. We’ve been working together for 15 weeks now and the dude simply executes. I’ve watched him level up in every aspect of life and literally turn into a different person.

The pictures speak for themselves but this is also while running his physical therapy business AND working his full time job (which he recently quit and went full time with his business).

Couldn’t be more proud and excited to see what the next 15 weeks have in store for my guy🤘🏼.”

Join RISE Athletic Performance And Experience The Ultimate Fitness Transformation Program

“Wade Yaklin has really helped me out in making the whole process of bodybuilding simplified. I never wanted to get a coach strictly due to money, but I genuinely should’ve invested way sooner. I’ve lost close to 30lbs with Wade in the last 5 months or so, doing so on my own would’ve probably taken 2 if not 2.5 times as long. It’s not only Wade though that’s helping. Having the entire Rise family available if need be for help with something is amazing, and really makes you feel important, rather than just another number on a client roster. Weight is down, Strength is up, I feel better, I look better, 11/10 would 100% keep doing it.”

“It is so hard to put the Rise team dynamic into words. I would hardly call it a team, it’s a family. Strangers that become teammates, that quickly turn into your friends and family. No matter your experience in the gym or your lifestyle, this family meets you exactly where you are. Hannah has made every effort to help me learn and grow as an athlete. Not only do I see progress in the gym, it follows me outside of the gym into daily life. I am thankful to have a coach that believes in my potential as much as I do, and continues to push me and encourage me. It has given me a whole new confidence in and out of the gym.”

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Join Rise Athletic Performance and experience the ultimate fitness transformation program

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