Brooke Berryman Phillips

"From a young age, I’ve been involved in athletics of some kind. Gymnastics as a kid, dance as a teenager, and finally physique competitions. That love story started off as just a bucket list endeavor; I wanted to see my best physical self up on a stage. You know, “just for the pictures”. Through that process, I learned so much about myself. And it shaped me into a stronger person, both mentally and physically. Which is what my own coaching has evolved into: making sure my clients focus on all aspects of their fitness. I prefer to cut through the BS and focus on what really matters to them: real change and results. The most important attribute I instill in my people is their belief in themselves and their ability to achieve those results. Yes, you can lift that weight. Yes, you do have the willpower to not eat that. A mindset shift is just as important as intelligent training and nutrition guidance. Because you can have all the best tools in the world, but they are useless if you don’t pick them up and use them. My passion as a coach is about helping people realize their own true potential as well as making sure they look phenomenal on a stage or on a beach. "

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