Annemarie Herford

Hello, I’m Annemarie Herford!

I started my fitness adventure when I was 18 yrs old after meeting, now my husband, Lloyd Herford. After Lloyd and I got married I found a great interest in nutrition. What the body needs to function properly, what calories are needed to either loose or gain weight, and what foods are best processed - these are all topics I studied on and learned about. I also learned about weight lifting and created some of my own programs that have been a success! Everyone’s body is completely different and therefore everyone needs individual guidance and not cookie cutter plans. 

After I first started helping people, I realized that I love seeing smiles, I love seeing my athlete’s confidents rise, and going through this phase of their weight loss/muscle gaining journey with them.

Some background about me! - 

I came from being thin, and not having a good source of nutrition or even knew what nutrition was except that fruits and veggies were “good” for you and an apple a day keeps the doctor away. 

When I was introduced to the gym I stayed on the treadmill for the first few weeks and then wondered off, eventually, just working my arms (because that was an easy muscle to work), and then shoulders, and it kept going from there. 

I slowly but surly learned what nutrition actually was and I learned what macronutrients are. 

It’s been years since and this is my lifestyle now and I love it. It’s not just “loosing weight” or “staying fit”, this is a lifestyle and it’s knowledge that can be held onto forever to be used to maintain a healthy life. 

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