Competition Prep

Package is geared toward competitive bodybuilders, and attaining superhumanly low levels of bodyfat with loads of lean muscle.
You can choose to work directly with Lloyd Herford or with the RISE Team during this 16-20 week program.

  • Initial Assessment
  • Customized nutrition and sports nutrition program designed to help you reach your all-time best look
  • Weekly high-intensity workouts – 4 workouts per week covering all major body parts, and even up to 7 days a week for the absolute most advanced programs
  • Unlimited email support (allow 24-48 hours for responses)
  • Phone support as needed (we’ll be talking a lot in the final weeks)
  • Coaching on all the fine details such as tanning, sodium manipulation, etc.
  • Weekly progress assessments. Changes made based on results seen week to week.
  • In some cases – I / We may be able to attend contest depending on location